Development of precious metal alloy for dental restoration or treatment with excellent biocompat-ibility and stability
  Research and development of biofunctional material of new concept such as biostructural implant adop-ting nano technology
Nano technology relates to creating material of new physical properties by controlling a substance in the unit of atom or molecule and specially, defining and investigating the physical properties of material in nanometer. It has high value added to lead new industry as technology integrating innovative bio-material, biosystem technology, and next gener-ation information technology in the 21st century. Especially, source technology is being acquired by concentration of competences upon key fundamental technical research in the fields of nanostructural material, nano-bio, -medicine, -environment and ?energy, and nano process technology
A constitutive equation as attributable to a fine structure which can define the deformation of nanostructured material and material transfer can be developed. Also, modeling technique to exactly evaluate and predict the physical properties of materials can be developed through application to finite element analysis.
Physical phenomena found from production process are modeled and the influence of a variety of process conditions is evaluated in detail through a series of process steps: CAD/CAM, structuring/forging, deformation of plasticity and elasticity, thermal transmission, phase transformation, and solidification analysis.
Optimization of dental precious metal alloy and precision casting adopting artificial intelligence design / Development and implementation of expert system