P.G.C(Potassium Gold Cyanide) is precision gold plating material of high quality as available for living articles like watch, tableware and glass frame in addition to semiconductor, PCB terminal and connector of cutting-edge industry.
Our products are being produced by electrolysis and thermal concentrat-ion of patent held by US ENGELHARD with raw material(Au) of 99.99% high purity. Our products are rapidly melted and have no suspension and eduction of impurities, which is a help for precision work. Also, our company is recognized for the quality through thorough production control with test equipment, and supplying quality products to consumers at cheaper pric-es through multi-sided cost reduction.
  Test item Spec
Shape External appearance White crystal powder
Feature after
Color Colorless
Transparency Transparent
Floating matter No
Gold(Au) 68.0%
Water content(%) 0.25% or less
PGC purity 99.46% or more
Impurities Silver(Ag) 50ppm or less
Copper(Cu) 20ppm
Iron(Fe) 10ppm
Lead(Pb) 10ppm
Nickel(Ni) 30ppm
Cobalt(Co) 30ppm