Nov. 1982

Entered into an agreement with Engelhard Corp. for joint venture and use of

the mark.
Apr. 1983 Obtained an approval from the Ministry of Finance for foreign investor.
Apr. 1983 Started production and sale of gold alloy and amalgam for dental use
May. 1985 Started production and sale of plating material
May. 1885 Moved the factory from Incheon Industry Complex to Panwol complex.
Dec. 1885 Resistered as a foreign investment enterprise.
Jan. 1888 Started Catalyst sales.
Oct.1990 Enlarged and completed catalyst for automobile exhaust purification
Dec.1990 Started Engine Laboratory.
Dec.1990 Established Engine Laboratory
Feb. 1991 Entered into an agreement with Engelhard Corp. of chemical catalyst sales
Jun. 1991 Entered into an agreement with Engelhard Corp. of petroleum catalyst sales.
Aug. 1991 Designated as factory QC Grade 1 company from HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY
Apr. 1992 Designated as QC Grade 1 company from Industrial Advancement Administration
Aug. 1992 Established research institute
Nov. 1994 Won official commendation from the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy
on the Trade day.
Jan. 1995 Obtained quality certification(from KIA MOTORS)
Aug. 1995 100PPM Certification.
Oct. 1995 ISO 9002 Certification (AEC).
Dec. 1995 Single PPM Certification.
Mar. 1996 Changed firm name to Heesung Engelhard Corp.
Aug. 1996 ISO 9002 Certification (Dental Material).
May. 1997 HQS the First Class.
Aug. 1997 ISO 9001 Certification.
Oct. 1997 Completed new plant in Shihwa Industry complex.
Dec. 1997 Obtained manufacturing QC certification (in the division of dental material)
Feb. 1998 Manufacturing capacity over 6 Million Catalysts per year.
Sep. 1998 Single PPM/Bronze Industrial Merit.
Mar. 2000 World Best Award in Engelhard Corp. Global.
Aug. 2000 QS-9000 Certification.
Oct. 2000 ISO 14001 Certification.
Nov.2000 1 Billion USD Export Award.
Mar. 2001 Chassis Dynamometer Set-up.
Jun. 2001 Recommend dental product by KDA(Korean Dental Association).
Dec. 2001 50PPM Certification (Hyundai/KIA).
Nov. 2002 2 Billion USD Export Award.
Aug. 2003 5-Star Award (Hyundai/KIA).
Jun. 2003 Obtained ISO 9001/14001 certification(first in the dental material industry)
Mar. 2004 Silver Industrial Merit.
Aug. 2004 Capital increase without consideration(KRW 8.138 billion -> KRW 16.276 billion)
Sep. 2004 Established Heesung PM Tech
Mar. 2005 Implemented CSF/DOC production line
Opened automation warehouse
Enlarged engine lab
Jun. 2005 Produced 50 million catalysts for car exhaust purification